BBC’s royal documentary is NIGHTMARE for ill Queen, says CHRISTOPHER WILSON

Queen's period of rest is 'working for her' says expert

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The last thing she needs is a BBC probe into the rights and wrongs of the media focus on her grandsons William and Harry. The peripatetic life she loved so much, meeting her subjects and basking in their admiration, has been stopped in its tracks by Covid. And – most of all – she has lost her husband. Last weekend should have been her 74th wedding anniversary, a moment for celebration of the monarch’s record-breaking marriage.

Instead it was a day of silent reflection at Windsor Castle, bathed in memories of Prince Philip, her iron duke.

The powers-that-be at the BBC should be clever enough to see that, at this moment, the fortunes of the Royal Family have plummeted to their lowest point in 40 years.

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell commences next week in New York, when world attention will be focused on Prince Andrew’s friendship with the convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The shenanigans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on US TV chat shows and elsewhere continue to cheapen the royal brand on an almost a daily basis.

Just now, there can be very few crumbs of comfort left for the Queen to hold on to.

A TV show discussing who said what about whom in the war of the young Waleses isn’t important just at this moment. The accusations levelled against both sides aren’t new either – they were destined to be included in an ITV documentary earlier this year.

But on that occasion, wiser counsels prevailed. ITV bosses deemed now was not the time to attack the royals – kicking them when they’re down.

Putting the boot on the other foot, we could (and maybe should) kick the BBC for their cynical and careless timing of last night’s show.

They knew it would hurt the royals – and especially the Queen at her advanced age.

They showed how much they didn’t care by refusing to allow Buckingham Palace officials to preview the documentary and offer their own version of events.

Amol Rajan, the presenter, is a self-declared republican. That’s his right – not everybody wants the Queen as the figurehead of state.

But the point is, most people do. And most people, therefore, who watched Rajan’s programme will have been shocked by the damage and hurt it was likely to cause.

In this world timing is everything, and the timing was off – not now, Rajan’s conscience should have said. Not now.

Yesterday’s programme was a smack in the face to all those who care for the Queen, who feel protective of her, and who look forward to celebrating her Platinum Jubilee next year.

Few would doubt that her greatest wish for those celebrations would be the reconciliation of her two princely grandsons.

Last night’s programme did nothing to help bring that about.

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