Beatles fans in hysterics at Just Stop Oil protest on Abbey Road

Just Stop Oil’s latest protest had Beatles fans in stitches as they took inspiration from one of the band’s most iconic album covers. The protest group marched in various locations across London in their fifth week in a row, their most recent effort to draw attention to climate change and encourage the government to reduce fossil fuel spending.

The Met Police has been busy across the capital managing the marches under new powers given by the Government to stop people protesting in slow walks. 

But when they said a group of them were at Abbey Road, social media users were quick to use the opportunity to link the terrifying issue of climate change to the rock band’s most well-known tunes. 

And they were egged on but Just Stop Oil themselves, who shared a photo of their members recreating the famous album cover with the caption: “Here comes the 40°C sun”.

Another user added: “When I’m 64…degrees Celsius!”

One user meanwhile quoted the song “Norwegian Wood” alongside an image of a wildfire in Norway in 2021 that has been linked to global warming. 

A third user recreated a full section of one of the Beatles’ most beloved songs, writing: “Hey Crude, don’t be afraid,

“Take a damaged Earth and make it better. Remember to let go of fossil fuels.

“Then you can start to make it cleaner.”

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Many others quoted “Come Together” in urging the world to work together to halt the use of fossil fuels. 

Just Stop Oil supporters have been marching in central London every day for five weeks since April 24, demanding an end to all new oil, gas and coal projects in the UK.

At 8am this morning, 37 supporters in three groups started marching slowly in the West End, Maida Vale and Tottenham, according to the activists’ website.

Naturalist and Springwatch presenter Chris Packham was overheard telling LBC while filming some of the protests: “If it isn’t a disruptive protest it doesn’t get news.”

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The Met Police confirmed to that they did not make any arrests during today’s protesting. 

However, Just Stop Oil claim they did issue several Public Order Act (Section 12) notices to the walkers.

In April, the Government announced that it would give police new powers to empower them “to intervene against highly disruptive slow marching tactics used to block roads and cause chaos to the lives of the hard-working public”.

They added: “This will give police the clarity they have asked for on when to use their existing powers to break up the slow marching tactics protesters have used to halt traffic across the UK.”

Campaigners have raised concerns that the new bill represents a significant limit on the ability of activist groups to meaningfully protest.

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