‘Biggest hostage crisis ever seen!’ Britons stuck in Afghanistan to be pawns for Taliban

Afghanistan: Tom Tugendhat warns of possible hostage crisis

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The Conservative MP has expressed serious concern over the number of eligible people unable to secure safe passage out of Afghanistan. Mr Tugendhat has warned the British Government could find itself facing a hostage crisis bigger than any before if a means of rescuing eligible refugees is not found. He told Sky News that former UK and Nato allies in the county were now “quite rightly… literally in fear of their lives,” because of the Taliban.

Mr Tugendhat told Sky News: “There is a possibility we may find ourselves with the biggest hostage crisis the UK has ever seen.

“Over 3,000 entitled people were said to be in Afghanistan at the beginning of the process.

“I don’t know how many it is now but we will be asking about that.

“And we will be looking to see what that means for getting British citizens out, what that means for getting entitled people out and protecting those people who quite rightly are literally in fear of their lives.”

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned that the situation in Afghanistan is likely to get more “volatile” as UK and US troops withdraw.

The Tory minister was talking on BBC Breakfast following the brutal terrorist attack at Kabul airport, claimed by ISIS, which killed at least 90 Afghans and 13 US Marines. 

Mr Wallace told BBC Breakfast: “We always thought there would be risk things would escalate as we left in general terms.

“Somebody wanted to claim they had kicked us all out, somebody would have wanted to grab the media attention.

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“And ISIS probably being the most ruthless, the mist cowardly when it comes to these type of attacks, but also the one that really has no regard for lift was obviously the prime suspect.

“That has come out as predicted they have started to make operations, we say that tragically last night.”

He added: “But there could be other enemies, other terrorist groups who will want to attack us.

“So it is going to get more volatile I suspect as we get towards the end.

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“That is why our troops are on a higher alert.

“But it has been a very dangerous place alongside a humanitarian crisis all along.”

ISIS-K, a regional front of Daesh claimed responsibility for the bombings which the group said were aimed at “translators and collaborators with the American army”.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has pledged to  “hunt down” those responsible.

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