Birmingham man tasered by police says he was targeted because he is black

A man who was tasered in the throat in Birmingham says he believes he was targeted by police because he is black.

The incident is one of six cases being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) into alleged excessive use of force on black men and a teenager in the last four months.

Trevaile Wyse, 30, said he had just arrived home from work in February when there was a car crash in the street outside his house. He went out to see what had happened and found himself targeted by police officers.

“The police officer had chased some lads off down the road and he turned around with his Taser drawn and ran back up the road and told me to get on the ground.

“I refused to get on the ground because there was no reason for me to get on the ground.

“And then he just fired the Taser which hit me in the throat.”

He believes there’s only one reason he was targeted.

“By that specific officer I personally believe it was because I was black. There could have been no other reason for it. He was fixated on me.

“There were other people around, you know, standing next to me. He didn’t order them to get on the ground. I believe it’s because I was black.”

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