Bizarre reason Meghan Markle is NEVER seen with fast food explained in unearthed interview

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The Duchess told fans she almost always opts for the healthy option when it comes to food as she told fans her favourite breakfast. The morning meal contains a whole host of healthy ingredients.

The Duchess of Sussex likes to start her day with a cleansing smoothie that is her “absolute favourite”.

She told The Chalkboard in 2015 that for breakfast she prepares a concoction of Clean Cleanse vanilla shake with blueberries or an acai bowl with fresh berries, manuka honey and bee pollen.

Among other healthy habits, Meghan likes to drink a green juice as her “fast food” replacement after she gave up drive-thrus.

She said: “A green juice. That’s fast. And it’s food.

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“It’s been many moons since I went through a drive thru.”

In the unearthed interview, the Duchess confessed she liked to eat slow when dining at restaurants.

She said: “Take your time. Order your starters and have a glass of wine, and then see how hungry you are before you order your next course.

“It’s a great way to enjoy dining in general… pacing yourself and enjoying your food without rushing through it and you’ll inadvertently eat less.

“Alternatively, I would say one of the best tips would be to put your phone away.

“It’s healthy to be present. Everything can wait.”

Meghan’s healthy lifestyle has “pushed Harry to up his game,” changing some of his habits for healthier options, Finding Freedom, a book about the Sussexes has claimed.

The bombshell book, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, claimed the Duke has always looked after his fitness, but it was Meghan who helped him leave his “bachelor days of eating take out pizza” behind.

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The authors explained that the couple shared some of the same interests, but it was ultimately the Duchess who helped Harry improve his lifestyle.

They wrote: “Their courtship had been a smooth one. They enjoyed many of the same activities, such as travelling and fitness, although Meghan, the type of girl to grab a smoothie after a hot Yoga or Pilates session, pushed Harry to up his game.

“Her morning ritual started with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon, followed by her favourite breakfast of steel-cut oats (usually made with almond or soya milk) with bananas and agave syrup for sweetness.”

According to the authors, Harry also ditched fast food for more nutritious options.

“For snacks in between meals, she opted for apple slices and peanut butter. It was a far cry from Harry’s bachelor days of eating takeout pizza, but he had already taken an interest in healthy living and it was fun to do together.”

According to the book, Meghan also encouraged Harry to practise mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

The authors added: “Meghan expanded Harry’s spiritual world, introducing him to yoga through her own practice and buying him a book on mindfulness that, like all her gifts, came with a handwritten note. Harry soon began, at Meghan’s encouragement, a daily meditation practice.”

The Duchess used to share food and lifestyle updates in her blog, The Tig, which closed in May 2018.

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