Boris asks Tories to fight ‘for a low tax global Britain’

Shapps backs Sunak when questioned on Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson has asked Conservative colleagues to fight “for a low tax global Britain” and contest the next election on a pledge to cut taxes, a news report claimed. Mr Johnson also requested Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to press ahead with a new law to override the Northern Ireland Protocol and resolve the Brexit impasse in Ulster.

The former Prime Minister was speaking at the Carlton Club, the Conservative Party’s spiritual headquarters in Mayfair, where he unveiled a portrait of himself.

The rallying cry to the party’s supporters came in what has been dubbed Mr Johnson’s most politically charged speech since he was forced out of office by his own MPs last summer.

It also comes amid rumours of a possible challenge against Mr Sunak later this year.

The speech will be seen as putting pressure on Mr Sunak and his Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to start cutting the tax burden, which is at a 70-year high.

Addressing club members on Tuesday night, Mr Johnson said that it must “never give in, keep fighting, keep backing the Government – keep making the case for levelling up, for opportunities and for a dynamic low tax global Britain. That is how we will win again”.

Alongside forecasts that inflation “will come [down] dramatically”, “China will get through Covid”, and “Putin will lose in Ukraine”, Mr Johnson said that “the Conservative Party will recover”.

He continued: “Because when the moment of real electoral decision approaches – and it will – people will realise that there is only one party that yearns to reduce the burden of tax.

“There is only one party that really believes in extending the joys of home ownership. There is only one party with the guts to stand up to the Union barons.”

On Brexit, Mr Johnson said there was “only one party, the Conservative Party, that believes in the Union with Northern Ireland and will pass the necessary laws to protect the economic integrity of the UK.”

He added there was “only one party that will dare to do what is necessary to disrupt the evil gangs that send people across the channel in unseaworthy vessels – by sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda”.

Johnson continued: “And there is only one party that really believes in Brexit – and its potential to transform the economy of this country

“And only one party that will continue to make use of Brexit freedoms from financial services to genetic engineering.”

He said: “When people realise this – I think the political dynamic is going to change. There is no desire to vote for Keir Starmer, for Sir Crasheroonie Snoozefest.”

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Senior Treasury sources have already strongly suggested there are no tax cuts planned for March’s Budget due to the weak state of the public finances.

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