Boris’ Freedom Day ‘masterstroke’ pays off! EU Covid hell proves UK was right to end rules

Lord Frost gives update on UK’s participation in Horizon Europe

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Christopher Snowdon suggests the exponential growth of coronavirus cases throughout the EU indicates “it is only a matter of time before most of Western Europe is in serious trouble”. Mr Snowdon has said that, after the latest data revealed COVID-19 cases are soaring across Europe, the “people who were calling Britain a ‘plague island’ a few weeks ago no longer look so clever”. In July, independent experts from Sage offered advice, which appeared in The Lancet medical journal.

It suggested ending lockdown restrictions on July 19 would be a “dangerous and unethical experiment”.

Mr Snowdon goes on to explain how experts called for the Government to cancel ‘freedom day’ and ban indoor gatherings.

He said “it is becoming increasingly obvious that delaying ‘freedom day’ would have made a winter lockdown more likely, not less”.

Mr Snowdon believes that, in England, “a wall of resistance to Covid” was built up “in the mild summer and autumn months”, suggesting resistance “has now been fortified by 12 million booster shots”.

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The opinion piece cites Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, who said in July: “There is quite a strong view by many people, including myself actually, that going in the summer has some advantages, all other things being equal, to opening up into the autumn when schools are going back and when we’re heading into the winter period when the NHS tends to be under the greatest pressure.”

Speaking to the Guardian earlier this month, Professor Paul Hunter said: “We are not behind Europe in this wave, they are behind us.

“We are not currently seeing a surge of the same magnitude as Europe at present largely because of the high case numbers over recent months, which most of Europe missed out on.”

Europe is once again the epicentre of the global pandemic.

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Rising cases on the continent have led German Chancellor Angela Merkel to state: “We are in a highly dramatic situation.

“What is in place now is not sufficient.”

Low vaccination rates across Europe are a key reason for the rise in infections.

Around 60 percent of people in Western Europe are fully immunised.

However, only about half as many are vaccinated in Eastern Europe.

According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus deaths in Europe on November 15 had risen five percent on the previous week.

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