Boris Johnson faces MPs for first time since crushing Commons defeat

Boris Johnson is facing the House of Commons for the first time since his Commons vote defeat last night.

The Prime Minister is currently fielding a bruising questioning – just hours after rebels voted to seize control of the Government.

In retaliation, Mr Johnson then brutally sacked 21 Conservative MPs after they voted against his government.

The Government lost the vote by a majority of 27 and MPs will now have the opportunity today to pass legislation that would effectively take no-deal off the table.

A general election also looms, after the PM confirmed he would seek a public mandate as he accused opposition parties and Tory rebels of ‘wrecking’ chances of a deal with Brussels.

He began PMQs by calling the legislation a ‘surrender bill’ and still vowed that Brexit would happen on October 31.

He accused rebels, led by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, that their plan to legislate to stop no-deal would lead to more ‘dither and delay.’

In retaliation, Mr Corbyn repeatedly asked him what negotiations he had been doing with the EU to change the Irish backstop – the main sticking point stopping a divorce deal being done.

He said talk of any progress was a sham and Mr Johnson was simply trying to ‘run down the clock’ and force a no-deal.

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