Boris Johnson handed clear Covid message by readers – time to scrap all restrictions in UK

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An poll – which ran from 1.10pm to 10pm on February 5 – asked: “Should the UK dump all Covid restrictions like Denmark?” Out of 6,598 votes, 82 percent (5,433) of people urged the Prime Minister to remove all restrictions.

Just 17 percent (1,117) said measures should remain in place, while only one percent (48) said they were not sure.

One reader, AndyMc09, commented: “Absolutely we should get rid of all restrictions.

“Enough hiding, let’s get back to normal living.

“Anyone who wants to hide, feel free.”

BiRo echoed: “UK should follow suit and learn to live with Covid.”

With Monkeytunes1 writing: “We’ve got a good vaccination rate particularly in the vulnerable age group.

“Loads have natural immunity, most under 40s that catch it it a bad cold or at worst flu, kids, loads have had it must don’t even notice but isolation is causing all sorts of disruption.

“Time to drop all and get on with our lives and get the economy back on track.”

Craig9380 commented: “We got to live with it!

“It’s not going away.”

A fifth person, Sunnyvale, added: “We can’t afford these measures.

“Stop them now. No more testing.”

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Recently, England returned to Plan A measures as per Government guidance.

As of January 27, some measures were relaxed as the public longer need to wear a face-covering but should consider wearing one in crowded, enclosed spaces.

The public no longer have to show an NHS COVID Pass at venues and events.

From January 20, staff and pupils in secondary schools and colleges are also no longer required to wear a face-covering in classrooms.

While on January 19, it was announced that you no longer have to work from home and can instead return to your place of work if your employers ask you to.

A travel measure is also due to be scrapped from February 11, as if a passenger is fully-vaccinated they will no longer need to take a COVID-19 test either before or after they arrive in the UK.

Despite scrapping this, anyone travelling will still need to complete a passenger locator form, and those who aren’t fully vaccinated will still need to take a pre-departure test.

At the beginning of the month, Denmark became the first county in the European Union to scrap all of its pandemic-related restrictions.

This means the Danish population no longer have to comply with indoor mask mandates and are also not forced to show vaccine passports at bars, restaurants, and stadiums.

There is also no longer a mandatory isolation period for those infected with the virus.

The measures were scrapped despite the fact that COVID-19 has not been eliminated in Denmark.

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