Boris Johnson issued stern ultimatum to push COP26 agenda ‘Next 48 hours or not at all’

COP26: ‘Movement comes now or in next 48 hours’ says Tory MP

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Conservative MP Jerome Mayhew has called for countries to be more “ambitious in their commitments” to curb climate change as COP26 comes to a close. Boris Johnson issued an ultimatum nations hindering the global fight against climate change in bid to keep global warming before 1.5C. But Mr Mayhew warned the Prime Minister a deal will need to be secured over the next 48 hours to ensure the objectives of the Summit are met.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Mr Mayhew said: “The real negotiation-the real movement either comes now, in the next 48 hours, or not at all.

“And we’ve just got to push forward just as the Prime Minister exhorted every nation to do to be really ambitious in their commitments.”

He continued: “We need to stump up with the cash.

“There’s $500 billion of support that’s been committed between 2020 and 2025. 

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“And we’ve got to come up with the goods.

“And I think the global south has a really strong argument on this.”

He went on: “They are overwhelmingly not responsible for the condition that we’re in.

“And we need to help them with adjustment and with mitigation, and that’s what the committee says that the countries have agreed to do 500 billion- we’ve got to stump up the cash.”


The host asked: “What does success look like? Because are we trimming the idea of success all the way?

“We hear Boris Johnson is going to come in at the one minute to midnight as he described where we are at the beginning of Cop, you know, is it even in his gift to come up with something very fast in the next 48 hours that is going to look like a great win for Boris Johnson?”

The MP said: “Well, I’m not particularly interested in great wins for one country or another.

“This is a global issue that we’ve got to deal with.

“And there are 197 countries all negotiating right now. 

“This is a live negotiation. We’ve had great progress and people setting out their negotiating positions over the last week or so.”

Boris Johnson said during a speech on Wednesday: “It’s very frustrating to see countries that have spent six years conspicuously patting themselves on the back for signing that promissory note in Paris, quietly edging towards default, now that vulnerable nations and future generations are demanding payment here in Glasgow.

“And there’s really no excuse because we know what is at stake here. We’ve been hearing it all week.”

UK has vowed to half its greenhouse emissions by 2030, and reach full net-zero by 2050.

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