Boris Johnson must pressure the City for major change to ensure Brexit Britain thrives

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As the UK and EU come to the end of the transition period, questions have been sparked on how post-Brexit Britain will be successful. Political expert and professor Liam Campling argued that Boris Johnson will have to make some changes for the UK to prosper post-EU. During an interview with, Professor Campling insisted the UK would need to focus on improving the skill level of Britons for major industries.

He added that just as crucially Boris Johnson and his Government must convince the City to invest more long-term rather than short term.

This would allow significant investment into the upcoming workforce which would prove profitable in the future.

Professor Campling said: “You can improve education and skills training.

“At the same time, you need to think about what the banking sector looks for.

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“Historically the banking sector in Germany has been patient and looks for long-term returns.

“So they would invest in engineering, incremental development and so on.

“Whereas the banking sector in the UK is much more short-term, a very quarterly time frame.”

Professor Campling warned that without the correct investment, the new British based skilled workers would be wasted.

He said: “Even if you do get the right skills and education in place then you need the investment into the sectors where those skills can be developed.

“I say this because there is no quick fix.

“We know that from the study of comparative political economies and the study of national economies since WW2.

“You can kind of characterise them by this combination of things.

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“The UK is really going to need to work on that combination.

“But I would say that definitely investing in people is the first big step.”

Brexit trade talks between the UK and EU have reached a stalemate which has put pressure on both sides.

The possibility of a no deal Brexit has increased in recent weeks as the end of the transition period looms.

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