Boris Johnson pleads with MPs to support election as delay is 'damaging UK'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged MPs to support a general election, because delay ‘is becoming seriously damaging to the national interest’.

Mr Johnson told the Commons this afternoon: ‘Because families can’t plan, businesses can’t plan, and the climate of uncertainty is not only corroding trust in politics but it is beginning to hold everybody back from making vital everyday decisions that are important for the health of our economy.’

The prime minister said a newly elected Parliament would have a ‘new mandate to deliver on the will of people and get Brexit done’.

He added: ‘Because that new Parliament, in just a few weeks’ time, will have before it a great new deal with the EU, a great new deal. That brings together members across the House.’

Mr Johnson went on to say: ‘Not only has this House been considering this issue for three-and-a-half years, but last week when this Bill was being debated there was not a single new idea, there was not a single new suggestion, and all they wanted was more time, more weeks, more months, when they couldn’t even provide the speakers to fill the time allotted.’

The prime minister went on to claim that  Labour are not interested in delivering Brexit.

He said: ‘All they want to do is procrastinate.

‘They don’t want to deliver Brexit on October 31, on November 31, even on January 31.’

‘They just want to spin it out forever, until the 12th of never. And when the 12th of never eventually comes around, they’ll devise one of their complicated Parliamentary procedures and move a motion for a further delay and a further extension then.’

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