Boris Johnson vows radical shake-up of Establishment ‘Going to do things differently’

Boris Johnson’s pledge to “do things differently” and take the UK on a “wonderful adventure” were met with cheers and applause in new speech. The Prime Minister is currently visiting former Labour areas in the North which returned Conservatives. Thursday night’s election results saw 24 constituencies choose Tory for the first time in decades.

He said: “We’re going to do some fantastic things, our country’s now embarked on a wonderful adventure.

“We’re going to recover our national self-confidence, our mojo, our self-belief.

“We’re going to do things differently and better as a country because we can.

“We’ll have some fantastic opportunities.”

The Tory leader continued: “We’re going to look at free ports, free trade, different and better regulation, cutting National Insurance contributions, doing all sorts of things differently and better.

“It’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful time for our country, I hope.

“Our country will stand tall in the world.

“But I want to say to all of my colleagues as MPs, when we get down to Westminster, we begin our work, remember we are not the masters, we are the servants now.”

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