Boris pulls rug from under Starmer: PM in huge announcement just as Keir starts speaking

Boris Johnson in 'weak position' in the polls says John Curtice

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As the Labour leader began a speech promising to stamp out corruption, the Prime Minister released a letter sent to Sir Lindsay Hoyle. In the letter, Mr Johnson set out the Government’s view on the Code of Conduct for MPs. He called for the Code of Conduct to be updated in order to restore the confidence of the public. 

Ahead of Labour’s amendments on Wednesday, the Prime Minister called for a block on MPs accepting paid work as a strategist, adviser or consultant. 

The recommendations were drawn from the 2018, Committee on Standards in Public Life’s report. 

The Prime Minister also called for update to the rules of conduct, stating that any outside work should not prevent an MP from carrying out their duties. 

Mr Johnson added: “Amending the Code of Conduct for MPs is rightly a matter for Parliament itself, rather than the Government. 

“However, the Government believes these two recommendations form the basis of a viable approach which would command the confidence of parliamentarians and the public. 

“It is a matter of regret that the House has not yet taken forward these specific recommendations given their relevance to recent events and the Government would like to see them adopted as a matter of urgency.”

The Prime Minister’s plan to end the Tory sleaze scandal came as Sir Keir claimed a Labour Government would restore trust to the public. 

Sir Keir also claimed the public had been let down by the recent events surrounding MPs’ second jobs and work as lobbyists. 

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