Boris takes STUNNING swipe at his OWN advisors as he throws SAGE under the bus in grilling

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BBC’S Laura Kuenssberg demanded Boris Johnson explain what areas his Government got wrong in its response to coronavirus. During a BBC interview, Ms Kuenssberg insisted that hindsight was a useful tool to ensure, in the event of a second spike, the same errors won’t happen. Ms Kuensberg argued the Government’s response was one of delay, to which Mr Johnson firmly denied. 

Ms Kuenssberg said: “Now is the time to be honest about what went wrong.

“This is so people can be confident that it won’t happen again.”

Mr Johnson said: “If you look at the timing of every single advice we got from our advisers from SAGE, you will find whenever we were told to take a particular step, actually we stuck that advice.”

Ms Kuenssberg hit back: “Maybe your scientists were wrong?”

Mr Johnson admitted this was a possibility before taking a pause and replying.

He said: ” Well laura maybe, there were things we could have done differently.”

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