Boston residents reportedly unhappy over William and Kate’s visit

Kate Middleton and Prince William greet crowds during US visit

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Some of the Boston residents are reportedly unhappy over Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to the city, a news report has stated. The Prince and Princess of Wales are in Boston to attend the Earthshot awards ceremony.

This visit marks the Prince and Princess of Wales’ first trip to the US since 2014.

Some of the residents are upset over the inconvenience caused during the royal tour, a report by Harper Bazaar has claimed.

The report stated that some in Somerville, Massachusetts, welcomed the royals with open arms as the pair will bring some positive attention to Greentown Labs, an incubator for start-ups aiming to tackle the climate crisis with tech-fueled innovation.

However, others are annoyed about the inconveniences the Wales’s visit will cause for the city, with traffic being cited as a major issue.

While many residents are elated about the royal couple visiting the city, some have raised concerns about the disturbance in their daily chores and how will it be affected during the tour.

The Boston Globe reported that a main concern on social channels is how difficult it will allegedly be for residents to get to grocery store Market Basket, located on Somerville Avenue.

According to an email city officials sent to residents on Wednesday, a block of the avenue, from Dane Street to School Street, will be blocked during William and Kate’s visit to the area.

Both directions of travel, the sidewalks, and parking will also be closed to the public, and the MBTA’s route 87 bus will be temporarily rerouted, the city reportedly said, adding that the move was made “to accommodate security measures for the British royal visit.”

A spokesperson for Market Basket said the store will remain open, with access from the Union Square side, per the Globe.

Somerville city councilor has lambasted at the chances of having one entrance to the local supermarket temporarily, partially blocked for the royals’ historic visit.

City Councilor Jefferson Thomas Scott wrote on Twitter yesterday upon the royals’ arrival in Boston: “Hey, did you know that the Royal Family is visiting Ward 2 tomorrow? Yeah, me neither until I read it in the press.

“I didn’t invite these people and was unaware of this visit until you found out too.

“The City is not handling the Prince and Princess of Wales’ itinerary, so the times of these transits and closures ending is unknown.”

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Mr Scott additionally pointed out that he wasn’t sure how many “lookie-loos” the royals would draw and advised locals to avoid the area where the Prince and Princess will be all together.

He wrote: “Also unknown is the number of lookie-loos. I’ve heard no estimates, but it might draw a crowd. (I hope not.).”

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