Boy, 6, sparks chain of kindness after paying for someone else's McDonald's

A six-year-old boy with a ‘heart of gold’ paid for the meal of the person behind him at McDonald’s because he wanted to ‘do something kind’ – and he inspired everyone else in the drive-thru queue to follow suit.

Blake Durham, from Stockton-on-Tees, told his mum he wanted to carry out a kind gesture when he was ordering breakfast at his local branch last Friday.

After telling the server that he would buy the meal for the man behind him, people in car after car decided to do the same.

Blake told the BBC that he wanted to make the man ‘happy and let them have a good day.’

Amy Durham, also said that making other people happy is her son’s ‘main focus’ and that ‘that’s all he ever wants to do’.

His gran, Jan Durham, told Teesside Live that the six-year-old has epilepsy and has been taken to Newcastle’s RVI three times in the past in a critical condition and has also been unwell during lockdown.

She said she was very proud about Blake’s selflessness, telling them: ‘He’s such a little brave boy with a massive heart of gold.

‘He does suffer, but he’s just so kind and gentle.’

Amy was also inspired by the chain reaction of kindness set off by her son’s thoughtful gesture.

She told the BBC: ‘I could see the man behind and the smile on his face and I said, “look how happy you’ve made that man,” he was beaming.

‘It’s amazing just a little boy’s positivity like that can just cause a reaction like that.’

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