Boy stabbed at sister’s bouncy castle party as mum watches in horror

A mum sobbed “he’s only 12” after a man stabbed her son multiple times during his sister’s birthday party, a court has heard.

The young boy was allegedly punched to the ground and kicked by Mason Clague, while he was stabbed by another man.

Mr Clague denies the claims, and insists he was at home during the time of the attack.

The unnamed child was enjoying the party in Bootle, Liverpool, when he left with a 14-year-old friend to go to a nearby corner shop.

The court heard how the pair were “larking about” and began throwing stones. One landed near a man alleged to be Mason Clague, who then launched a furious assault, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Liverpool Echo reports how the court heard he shouted at the two boys before running into the house and emerging with another man.

A chase then unfolded, in which the 14-year-old friend managed to get to safety – but the young boy was caught. 

Prosecutor Charlotte Atherton told the court: “On April 7, 2021, a 12-year-old boy was chased by two men into the garden of his nan’s house, where his younger sister was having a bouncy castle birthday.”

The boy was “attacked, punched to the ground, and then stabbed multiple times to his leg and buttock area”, she said.

“They ran through the side gate into the back garden. (The 14-year-old) was in front and he made it back to the relative safety of the house,” said Ms Atherton.

“But (the 12-year-old) was not so lucky, because the defendant caught up with him. He was the first to get to him and he began a frenzied attack.”

The jury heard how the boy was thrown onto the steps of the bouncy castle, and then “punched, kicked and kneed” by Clague.

The second male, who has not been identified, then stabbed the youngster multiple times, the court was told. Ms Atherton suggested that Clague may also have stabbed the child.

She added: “The boy described being stabbed as feeling like a ‘poke’ in the leg and when he was asked about the attack, he said actually he thought both men had stabbed him because after being stabbed by the unknown male and getting up, he felt another poke in his leg, which he thinks was the defendant stabbing him also.”

The attack only stopped when the boy’s mother ran out of the house, placing herself between her son and the attacker. She yelled at them: “He’s only 12.”

Clague allegedly replied: “I don’t care. I’ll f***ing kill him”, and “I don’t give a f***. I’ll chop the lot of yous.”

Ms Atherton said: “The level of violence expressed in these two statements is indicative of the level of violence this man intended to inflict – and did inflict – on (the boy).

“Either the defendant inflicted really serious harm by stabbing him, or the defendant assisted the unknown male inflicting really serious harm.”

Several party guests identified Clague as one of the attackers, she said, including a former schoolmate and the victim’s mother.

The victim also identified him as one of his nan’s neighbours. Clague denied he was responsible, telling police he was at home at the time of the attack.

The trial continues.

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