Boyfriend is jailed after spying on partner with Ring doorbell

A man, identified as auditor Jonathan Maybury, 38, is facing jail time for his controlling and abusive behaviour towards his partner, Stephanie Andrews, a successful 33-year-old engineer at Jaguar Land Rover. Maybury employed various tactics to intimidate and control Andrews, such as belittling her by calling her a “f*****g graduate”, spying on her using a Ring doorbell security camera, spending her money, and accusing her of having an affair with his brother, the court heard.

The abuse allegedly started after Andrews used her grandmother’s inheritance to buy a luxury home for them in the village of Hale near Liverpool.

Andrews even offered Maybury £25,000 to leave the property, but he refused.

Maybury, who now resides in Widnes, Cheshire, has been found guilty of coercive behaviour by the Warrington Magistrates’ Court after a three-day trial. He could spend up to five years in jail after he is sentenced.

In 2014, the couple met while working as colleagues and started dating.

After just five months, they moved in together.

Prior to this, she had obtained an engineering degree from the University of Surrey in Guildford in 2012 and subsequently worked at Vauxhall Motors and Jaguar Land Rover.

At Jaguar Land Rover, she was promoted to advanced manufacturing engineer while Maybury worked as a Government regulated auditor at the same plant.

Ms Andrews cried as she told the hearing: “I had to pay for everything, Jonathan would spend the money on what he wanted. I paid for the drive to be re-done and the roof to be fixed. Every penny I had went into the home.

“Although we were fine in the beginning, in 2015 Jonathan became jealous and controlling over me. I wasn’t allowed to go out. He would create a scene if I wanted to see friends or family, and ask ‘why would I want to do that?’.

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“He would also ask where I was going and when I would be coming back.

“If I answered back he would call me a ‘psycho’ and a ‘lunatic’ and would say there is something wrong with me.

“During these arguments, he would physically block the exits and I was very intimidated to see whether he would go further than that.

“He just made it untenable for me to do basic things and it made me feel like the smallest person in the world.

“He even insinuated that I was having an affair with his 50-year-old brother.”

She added. “I was terrified to tell him because I knew what would happen. When I did tell him he screamed and shouted at me and for the rest of the journey and he was driving erratically.

“At one point someone cut him up and he intentionally went out of his way to tailgate the car, which made us late. Afterward he stepped out the car and acted as if nothing happened. I did not understand how someone could go from that to being friendly with someone that wasn’t me.”

Ms Andrews purchased a puppy named Kai in June 2018, however, when Kai chewed on a cigarette packet, Maybury flew into a rage.

She said: “Jonathan started effing and blinding and saying I’m going to kill that dog and bury it in the garden.

“He put the dog crate outside and wanted it to sleep outside that night. He said ‘watch what happens if you bring that dog in’. I brought it in and slept with it all night because I feared what he was going to do with it.

“The next day he convinced me that I was overreacting, as he always did, and said I had lost my mind. A year later I decided to rehome the dog.

“In the summer of 2018, Jonathan’s motorbike was nearly stolen from their front garden, and as a result he installed a Ring doorbell and four other security cameras.

“But he started to use them to monitor what I was doing, tracking my comings and goings. He would notice if I came in slightly late and bring it up later, ‘like why did you come home 10 minutes late on this night then’ whenever we had an argument.

“I hated feeling like I was being watched in my own home. At one time I went up into the loft to get some things down and during this time Jonathan tried to call me but I couldn’t pick up because I was busy.”

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