Brexit LIVE: Boris urged to scrap ‘unnecessary’ red tape putting 40,000 jobs at risk

Boris Johnson: 'Impossible' to impose new restrictions says Young

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The Prime Minister has been warned by the Tourism Alliance that there has been a decrease in bookings from foreign schools from the EU visiting the UK. This is because every child from the EU entering the country must possess a passport and have a £95 visa. Kurt Janson, the director of the Tourism Alliance told The Guardian: “The collapse in the school group market is unnecessary as schoolchildren present no security risk, will not disappear into the black economy and start driving minicabs, and parents who let their children go on school trips are generally quite keen for their teachers to bring them back home.

“This is an obvious situation where the government needs to set aside its dogma on passports and work with the industry to find a practical solution.”

Prior to Brexit, an estimated 1.5 million children came to the UK each year using identity cards under the List of Travellers scheme.

The extra post-Brexit red tape installed by the Government could place at least 40,000 jobs in the language school industry at risk.

Justin Welby has blasted Boris Johnson over Rwanda asylum seeker policy

Justin Welby is set to blast Boris Johnson today over the Government’s Rwanda asylum seeker policy during his annual Easter sermon.

The Archbishop of Canterbury will use his Easter sermon to criticise the Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues after Mr Johnson unveiled fresh plans to stop Channel crossing migrants arriving from in the UK.

A record-breaking 28,395 migrants reached British shores in 2021 after making the perilous 21-mile journey from Calais.

Speaking about his plan during a visit to Kent, the Prime Minister said: “Our compassion may be infinite but our capacity to help people is not.

“We can’t ask the British taxpayer to write a blank cheque to cover the costs of anyone who might want to come and live here.”

The Government’s plan will see illegal immigrants, including those who have crossed the Channel in small boats, travel 6,000 miles to east Africa.

However, Welby will claim the plan to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers to Rwanda will not stand up to God’s judgement, according to the Times.

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