Brexit LIVE: ‘Outrage’ EU ‘expecting the worst’ as Truss deploys plan to unshackle Britain

Liz Truss grilled over ‘timescale’ of Protocol

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This comes amid mounting tensions between the UK and the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol, which has caused shortages, delays and price rises in Northern Ireland and has also been accused of undermining the Good Friday Agreement.

The UK has been locked in talks with the EU since October 2021 and has been threatening to suspend parts of the agreement by triggering Article 16 for months.

But, most recently, it has threatened to suspend the protocol entirely by taking unilateral legislative action.

Speaking about upcoming negotiations with the bloc, taking place next week, Irish journalist Tony Connelly said the EU “is expecting the worst” from London, which they expect to go “all in” and “completely rewrite the protocol”.

He said that member states are feeling “frustration” and “outrage” at the UK’s position.

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Poll tracker data shows Britons turning on EU exit – new charts

The latest YouGov survey on Brexit puts those who think it was wrong 12 points ahead of people saying it was right.

YouGov asked respondents whether they thought Britain was right or wrong to leave the EU.

It shows that 49 percent believe it was wrong while 37 percent say it was the right decision.

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