Brexit LIVE: Rejoiner Femi brutally shut down for ‘hysterical ranting’ over EU exit

Brexit 'not to blame' for supply crisis says Andrew Bridgen

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The anti-Brexit writer listed a series of “hysterical” economic woes he said Britain is now facing. He then laid full blame for these on anyone who voted for the UK to exit the EU. The arch-Remainer took to Twitter yesterday and wrote: “Dear Brexiters!

“This is YOUR decision. YOUR vote. YOUR PM. YOUR Government. YOUR 80-seat majority Parliament. YOUR Brexit.

“You said the EU need us more so we could get any deal we wanted.

“So every delayed supply, every lost job, every closed business, is your DELIBERATE fault.”

However, a Twitter follower was quick to respond and wrote: “As someone who thought long and hard about my vote, I can honestly say Brexit has gone far better than I thought the early days would go; not nearly the cliff-edge disaster you warned about.

“You point to issues with staff shortages, then threaten job losses?

“Just hysterical ranting.”

However, another follower supported Femi and said: “Femi, I love you and you do an amazing job.

“We now need to bring people together though.

“They lied to us all, we need to bring leavers and remainers together in the mutual understanding that we were all lied to by Boris Johnson etc.

“Only then can we get them out.”

Arch-remainer Femi reacted to this with a reply that said: “And there lies the issue, any coming together has to be based on a shared sense of humanity.

“If you or I had voted Brexit, we would be torn apart with guilt, screaming sorry, trying to reverse it, because of our humanity, let me know when you hear that from Brexiteers.”

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8.30am update: Michel Barnier lags behind Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in new presidential poll

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has failed to break Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen’s grip on the French election, according to the first opinion poll since the ex-EU official entered the race.

Michel Barnier, 70, announced he will challenge Emmanuel Macron in the 2022 French Presidential Election. He told French broadcaster TF1: “In these dark times, I took the decision to run for the French presidency, to be president of a reconciled France.”

8.00am update: Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has dismantled claims blaming Brexit for supply woes with one simple fact

Mr Bridgen has dismissed claims that Brexit is to blame for the ongoing supply chain crisis in the UK.

Andrew Bridgen has rejected claims that Brexit is behind the UK’s supply woes.

The Tory MP said “a number of issues are in play” as he spoke to GB News.

However, he pointed out that the UK is not alone in its supply chain issue, as he noted: “They are desperately short of lorry drivers in France and Germany too.”

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