Brexit LIVE: Remainer Femi blasts Brexiteers ‘literally don’t care if you live or die’

Biden 'hates Brexit' and views it as a 'threat' says Gardiner

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The staunch Brexit sceptic reposted a clip showing him in a heated discussion about the NHS with Tory MP Mark Francois on Jeremy Vine.

He claimed it shows that British medical professionals had overwhelmingly warned that Brexit would be bad for the health service.

Mr Femi said: “The Royal College of Nurses, the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Radiologists, the Royal College of Midwives and the British Medical Association, which represents over 140,000 doctors across the UK, said Brexit will be bad for the NHS.

“So excuse me if I don’t buy your idea that it’s 50/50. Brexit is objectively a bad thing for our National Health Service.”

Mr Francois, an ardent Brexiteer, replied that was just “an opinion”.

Tweeting in response to the pre-pandemic clip, he said: “All the people attacking the NHS now, supported Brexit despite every single branch of NHS staff saying it would damage the NHS.

“They literally don’t care if you live or die.”


UK drivers warned of potential fines for not having correct stickers in Europe

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If they drive in Europe without the correct sticker, road users could be slapped with a €140 or £120 fine while on the continent.


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