Brexit Party MEP warns Remainers are using Project Fear to try to block no deal Brexit

Brexit Party MEP and businessman Ben Habib attacked Remainers claiming that Project Fear was “being put out there” to try to halt a no deal exit. Mr Habib urged businessmen and businesswomen to just “keep moving forward” regardless of a no deal outcome at the end of October. Speaking to, he said: “I don’t think a no deal Brexit will result in any damage to the UK economy.

“All this fear that is being put out there is just that, fear. It is fear to try and dissuade us from having a no deal Brexit.

“So I think any businessman wishing to make money out of Brexit ought to behave as if the economy is working independently of any constitutional changes as a result of Brexit.

“So if you think the economy is moving in a particular direction, whatever that may be, I would continue to make your decisions based on your view of the trajectory of the economy and not factor in a no deal Brexit in October. 

“I would just keep moving forward.”

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If you have got the courage of your convictions you would use Brexit as a buying opportunity

Ben Habib

He added: “I think the markets take their lead to some significant extent from political declarations and so the fact that Philip Hammond is banging on about no deal being damaging to the UK economy may put some fear into the markets.

“You may see some market reductions in the value of Sterling, you may see the FTSE initially fall.

“But I think those are just market actions, they are not economic actions.

“If you have got the courage of your convictions you would use that as a buying opportunity.”

Mr Habib added that it was best to go in with a positive attitude regarding the future business opportunities for the UK.

He continued: “Yesterday I was listening to a speech made by a eurosceptic in the European Union Parliament.

“She was saying that actually, the UK is the equivalent of the 19 smallest countries in the 28 member states.

“That is an interesting stat, if you take the UK out they are down 19 countries, the equivalent of 19 countries.

“We are a very significant player on the European stage and anyone who thinks that we are therefore going to be a damaged as a result of leaving is totally misunderstanding the importance and significance of the British economy.”


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Earlier this year, German MEP Hans Olaf delivered a speech in the European Parliament arguing the EU had to take some blame for Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

During the tirade, he said: “Brexit is not only a disaster for Britain, but it is also a disaster for the EU. Let’s face it, today Britain is the biggest single customer of the European Union.

“Britain leaving is the equivalent of 19 small and medium-sized countries leaving at the same time.

“Without Britain in the European Union, I tell you this European Union will remain uncompetitive in comparison to other regions.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond has repeatedly warned about the consequences of a no deal Brexit on the British economy.

During the last debate between Mr Johnson and Jeremy Hunt before the results are announced on Monday evening, the former foreign secretary insisted he can “minimise” the economic impact of a no deal Brexit.

Mr Johnson said: “The Treasury will produce all sorts of spine chilling figures but if we get our act together we can minimise the cost of Brexit.”

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