Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage rages at Jo Swinson’s ‘ludicrous’ promise to revoke Article 50

The Brexit Party leader said the Liberal Democrats’ new stance on the Brexit referendum is “illiberal” as Jo Swinson changed the policy from campaigning towards holding a People’s Vote to saying they will ignore the referendum and revoke Article 50. Mr Farage said it is “ludicrous” for Ms Swinson to brush the result under the carpet after 17.4 million voted to Leave the EU in 2016. His comments were followed by an LBC caller who said they would have voted for the Liberal Democrats in a hypothetical general election but now feels “very lost”.

Speaking on his LBC show, Mr Farage said: “Look I just think this policy of revoking Article 50 is without principle.

“I think it’s illiberal, I think it’s undemocratic, and I think it would be horrendously divisive.

“The idea that someone can just brush the referendum result under the carpet is ludicrous.

“But I have to say I think it will damage their election chances.

“I think out there, there are people who want to remain but couldn’t countenance simply revoking it.”

Mr Farage noted senior politicians have questioned the new position.

He said: “Already we’ve seen Sir Norman Lamb questioning this and other quite leading Remainers questioning this.

“Even Lord Adonis thinks it’s quite a tough thing to do. I think revoking is really a very extreme position.”

A Liberal Democrat caller added: “Speaking from my own personal position I’m very lost on both sides.

“They were who I’m going to vote for in a hypothetical general election but I must say is that with a Tory Party, you have a Tory leader who has a very distinct policy and very clear message that do or die he will leave no matter what.

“I think it’s important an opposition must also have a clear message.

“I think what Jo Swinson’s done is position herself as a viable opposition, something that the Labour Party has been battling with and trying to do.


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“I’ve seen Labour Party members trying to explain their policy saying that they’re trying to get a deal.

“Then said they will still campaign for Remain despite the fact they’ve gone through the EU to get a deal.

“I don’t believe that message will transcend and people will want to rally behind that.

“For lost voters who are unsure about no deal, I think what she’s doing is giving them an alternative.

“Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.”

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