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Despite the UK voting to leave the bloc in 2016, some Labour MPs would support an attempt to overturn Brexit if in Government. Not only would Labour move to rejoin the EU, but there are also claims they could drop the sterling and adopt the euro. With that said, is asking in our exclusive online poll: “Do you fear Labour would join the euro if in government?”

Rosie Duffield, MP for Canterbury and former shadow cabinet member, warned Labour Remainers had not given up on the fight to reverse Brexit.

While Shadow Cabinet members did vote for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, Ms Duffield claimed they did so with a heavy heart and have not given up on their pursuit to return to the EU.

Ms Duffield said: “Most people on the frontbench who voted for this deal last week did it with a very heavy heart and they haven’t given up either.

“We will try and shift the leadership, as and when it needs to shift towards rejoining I would imagine.”

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Ms Duffield was one of 36 Labour MPs who abstained against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal on December 30, despite Sir Keir Starmer whipping his party to support the agreement.

Labour MP for Streatham Bell Ribeiro-Addy was the sole MP to vote against the agreement as Sir Keir Starmer faced a party rebellion over the deal with a number of abstentions.

While 162 MPs did vote with the Government, three resigned as junior frontbenchers after defying Sir Keir.

Tonia Antoniazzi, the MP for Gower, Helen Hayes, the Dulwich and West Norwood MP, and Florence Eshalomi, the MP for Vauxhall, all resigned so they could abstain from the vote.

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Although stating the deal was a thin one, Sir Keir did add by not supporting the Government, MPs would in effect be voting for a no deal Brexit.

Sir Keir said: “The choice before the house today is perfectly simple.

“Do we implement the treaty that has been agreed with the EU, or do we not? If we choose not to, the outcome is clear: we leave the transition period without a deal.

“Without a deal on security, on trade, on fisheries.

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“Without protection for our manufacturing sector, for farming, for countless businesses. And without a foothold to build a future relationship with the EU.”

Although not long into the UK’s post-Brexit future, members of the Labour Party have already begun tentative attempts to re-enter the bloc.

Labour Rejoin was started on Monday and has pledged to reverse Brexit and re-unite with the bloc.

Arch-Remainer and Labour peer Lord Andrew Adonis has already pledged his support to reverse Brexit.

He said: “The best policy for Britain today would be to re-join the European Union.”

A petition has also been launched on the Parliament website, to re-join the EU which as it stands, has received 46,766 signatures. 

While Rejoiners may want to return to the bloc, any chances of doing so would seem slim.

The UK would need to sacrifice the sterling and lose the rebait Margaret Thatcher negotiated for our membership.

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