Brexit row erupts as BBC host blasts German MEP over fishing rights – ‘Norway does it!’

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The German MEP claimed the European Parliament is seeking a “comprehensive Brexit trade agreement” with the UK that must include a deal on fisheries. Mr McAllister, from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, argued the fisheries agreement could not be based on annual quota. He told BBC Radio 4 host Mishal Husain: “The European Parliament seeks a comprehensive trade agreement that includes an agreement on fisheries.

“The agreement on fisheries cannot be disconnected from the overall economic partnership.

“And what we’re saying is that this agreement should be balanced, sustainable and provide long-term arrangements.

“So the fisheries agreement from our point of view cannot be based on annual quota. That simply wouldn’t be able to be implemented.”

But the German MEP was quickly challenged by the BBC host who blasted: “Sorry, but why not?

“Norway does that every year!”

He replied: “Yes, but we’re talking about so many different fish species in all these British waters that most people who are engaged in the fishing industry say that this just wouldn’t be practical.

“It would be very heavily bureaucratic.”

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