Brexit salvation: Project Fear defeated as groundbreaking data shows UK’s bright future

Pro-Brexit group Facts4EU claim that the high export figures were offset by the dropping of exports to the EU by around £1.5billion. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics reveals that the UK’s export level from the beginning of the year to May had risen by an astonishing four percent. This led to exports across the world totalling £647.1billion, the group claims.

And while we continue to trade and export to countries outside the EU, the UK’s trade with the bloc was down in the past three months.

On its website, the group said: “Project Fear Part One was a concerted campaign by the government of Cameron, Osborne, May, Hammond and others to frighten the British voters into voting for Remain in the 2016 Referendum.

“Their dire predictions of an economic catastrophe, massive job losses, an emergency budget, house price collapses, and an immediate recession have all been proven wrong.

“Instead the dire predictions have continued each month.”

Facts4EU say the UK has now “experienced 38 consecutive months of export growth on an annual rolling basis”.

They say this is “in complete contrast to the predictions of Project Fear”.

They added: “The latest UK trade figures are very promising yet again. One aspect which is not understood by many Remainers is that the culture in parts of the business economy is changing.

“These Remainers sometimes argue that exports are increasing whilst we are still in the EU, which proves we should stay in.

“It’s good to see the emergence of an outward-looking UK export economy again, as businesses start to look forward to a post-Brexit future.

“It will be good to see this flourish even more when the UK is free of EU institutional controls and tariffs.”

The UK is due to leave the EU on October 31, a date which potential Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has admitted the UK must leave by no matter what.

Mr Johnson has also stated that he wants to leave on this date “with or without a deal”.

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