Britain’s dirtiest beach with ‘cretins’ named as ‘Las Vegas’ of UK

UK: Dead sperm whales moved after washing up on Skegness beach

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A British beach dubbed the “Las Vegas of the UK” has divided opinions as visitors branded it the of the country’s dirtiest seaside resorts. Visitors to Skegness, Lincolnshire, are now greeted by a dazzling sign erected by local business owners proclaiming they have arrived in “fabulous Skeg Vegas”. But reviews of the location clash with this title, as some people acquainted with the town have branded it exceptionally dirty.

Bosses from Skegness Raceway Stadium erected the sign in 2022, spending £36,000 for the Vegas-style adornment.

They said they hoped to “put a smile on everyone’s face” and give something back to the community.

The bosses added that they wanted to “light up the sky” above the resort town, which boasts approximately 2.3 million visitors a year.

Many of those visitors don’t quite agree with the sign’s assertion that they are visiting a glittering tourist hotspot in the East Midlands.

Some Tripadvisor users were left reeling after their trip to Skegness, with one writing on the review platform that the beach was the “filthiest I have ever seen”.

The user claimed “everybody” was complaining about rubbish strewn on the sand, adding it was “absolutely covered with discarded plastic bottles, half-eaten trays of food, even towels and shoes”.

Echoing their views, another visitor said Skegness is “full of rubbish”.

Another user said they drove around the resort in “stunned silence” and complained that “everything looked like it was probably in need of renewing 20 years ago”.

One said the beach was occupied by “minging horrible cannabis smoking cretins” when they visited in 2021.

While the users had strong words about their experience, poor reviews were the minority of those left on Tripadvisor.

Only 42 of the 939 were one or two-star reviews, with 93 three-star, 283 four-star and the majority being five-star, with 521.

Those who rated the beach most highly said they were impressed by the resort’s cleanliness.

A reviewer who visited in October 2022 said Skegness beach was an “amazing place”, and added that “everywhere is so clean and tidy”.

Another concurred, adding the beach was “beautiful” with “such soft sand”.

One reviewer visiting the beach said they were “surprised” by how it compared to others.

Their five-star review said Skegness “all looked quite tidy and not run down like some other seaside places”.

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