Britain's May to remain a lawmaker after she quits as prime minister

LONDON (DPA) – Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday (June 12) said she plans to remain a member of the British Parliament’s elected main house, the Commons, once she leaves office next month.

“I will indeed be staying here as I will continue to be the Member of Parliament for my constituency,” Mrs May told lawmakers when asked about her plans.

She dismissed the possibility of remaining prime minister after late July, when an election process in the ruling Conservatives is scheduled to produce a new party leader, who will also succeed Mrs May as head of the government.

“I gave my word to my party as to what I would do, and I stand by that word,” Mrs May said.

Mrs May formally resigned on Conservative leader last Friday.

The party confirmed on Monday that 10 candidates will vie to succeed her, with pro-Brexit former foreign secretary Boris Johnson the strong favourite to win the two-stage election.

The party’s lawmakers will hold a series of votes over the next two weeks, starting on Thursday, to narrow the field down to two candidates.

The Conservatives’ 125,000 party members will then select the new leader.

Brexit is expected to dominate the debate in the contest, amid an impasse in Parliament over how, when, or even if Britain should leave the European Union.

Britain is currently due to leave the bloc by Oct 31.

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