Britain’s ugliest dog becomes national sensation

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A dog who was once “left on the shelf” has become crowned the UK’s ugliest, but his family don’t mind. Peggy, a five-year-old pug and Chinese crested cross, claimed her crown in the Parrot Print ugliest dog competition today with overwhelming support. She emerged as a clear favourite among a flood of entrants and is on her way to becoming a national treasure.

Holly Middleton, Peggy’s owner, explained that she submitted an application to the printmaking firm after hearing about the competition in 2022.

She sent a photo of her companion dressed to impress, adorned in a pearl-covered crown and necklace.

Peggy was received so well that she and Ms Middleton have appeared on television in recent weeks.

And the dog is growing accustomed to a life in showbusiness.

Peggy and her owner have recently appeared on several morning shows, including BBC Breakfast, ITV’s This Morning and Channel 5 News.

Now having claimed a real-life crown as the UK’s ugliest pooch, she has won a makeover and a spa session.

Once she has received her hard-earned reward, Peggy will dazzle in a professional photoshoot.

While her owners love her, many others may not have tipped the pug for greatness.

She was born as the runt of an accidental litter and continually looked over by would-be owners.

Ms Middleton said she was “last on the shelf” but ultimately snapped Peggy up after their love at first sight first meeting.

She explained that her family came across the dog at the end of 2018 when she was six months old.

Her siblings had all found new homes, with her owner suspecting people saw “nothing but a high-maintenance dog and the possibility of health issues”.

She added that, even in her youth, Peggy was rocking her trademark white tufts, lolling tongue and “big brown eyes”.

But the Middleton family “loved her the instant we laid eyes on her”.

They discovered that she is a “healthy and happy dog” who is “beautiful both inside and out”.

She has since become the best friend of her six-year-old daughter, with the pair now “thick as thieves”.

Her eldest son “thinks she’s cool” following her television rounds, despite appearing unconvinced at first.

Ms Middleton has urged other people not to look over dogs they think are ugly.

She said: “We didn’t set out to get a quirky dog, an underdog.

“I hope it encourages people to overlook the little oddities of those dogs left on the shelf.”

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