British Army fury as new badge compared to Nazi and Apartheid death squad symbols

British Army provide update as they work through pandemic

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The new cap badge of the Ranger Regiment was unveiled earlier today. Sharing a picture of the badge on Twitter, the British Army wrote: “We have revealed the cap badge of The Ranger Regiment. The Ranger Regiment is an important contribution to the future of the British Army.

“From 1 December, training for its four battalions will commence. #FutureSoldier #BeTheBest”

Hundreds of concerned Twitter users replied to the announcement, flagging the resemblance to Nazi Eagle, known as the Reichsadler, and the badge of the Selous Scouts, an Apartheid death squad.

One Twitter user, calling themselves The Perennial Captain, said: “Well, that’s truly horrid. Really rather awful. Embarrassing.

“I hope someone has the confidence to admit what mistake that is.”

A second user, @SSN14CO, said: “It would be great if you could share the thought process that landed on this please (apart from the name – that bit is obvious).”

Another, @staff_ex, shared an image of the Selous Scouts badge, writing: “It looks pretty similar to the old Selous Scouts cap badge dontyathink?

They added: “I’m sure there will be no blowback to that at all…”

A fourth user, @Shaftbreak, said that the new badge was proof that the army had “lost the last few shreds of self-awareness”.

They wrote: “Oooof. Some strong ‘constructive’ feedback in this thread.

“Possible the final proof we needed that the General Staff have lost the last few shreds of self-awareness and perspective outside of the Andover Echo Chamber.”

Meanwhile, @Plus_haut, wrote: “I saw it and just thought ‘nazi eagle’.”

Another user added: “Not a great look, British army”.

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The Selous Scouts was a special forces unit of the Rhodesian Army during apartheid South Africa, which developed a reputation for brutality after committing a number of atrocities against civilians.

The unit fought black insurgent armies and was accused of injuring and killing civilians as they attempted to keep white-minority rule over what became Zimbabwe.

A Defence source told The Telegraph it “seems outrageous” to have a “cap badge in this day and age with any connection to a racist regime whatsoever”.

They said: “An officer said he had seen an email saying that it was actually based on the Selous Scouts.

“It’s almost identical to the Rhodesian Selous Scouts, which is controversial due to their involvement with an apartheid regime.

“There are obvious differences but it’s f***ing close and clearly based on it.”

The Ministry of Defence has rejected claims the new badge was inspired by that worn by the apartheid terror squad, saying while the Ranger Regiment’s badge was designed around a peregrine falcon, the Selous Scouts’ badge depicted an osprey.

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