Briton has no regrets after making little girl cry at Disney World

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For some, the Disney theme parks are the most magical places in the world – an escape from day-to-day life for children and adults alike. But in one Briton’s story of his time there, he admitted to having ruined the experience for a little girl, and didn’t regret the actions he took to do so. The man said he proposed to his fiancée during their trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, in the US. To round off their magical trip, they planned to see the park’s fireworks display – but it was there that they would clash with another family in a dramatic turn of events.

The man explained that due to his partner being only 4’11”, they needed to get to there early, in order to guarantee a spot in the front row so that she could enjoy the event. The couple were ready to enjoy a romantic evening, but after waiting for hours to get their spot, they were shoved to the side by a family and loudly criticised by a dad for not letting them take their spot.

Their refusal to do so led the family’s youngest child to burst into tears, leaving the Brit unsure as to what he should have done.

Turning to Reddit’s Am I The A***hole community for their opinion, the man explained how his fiancée, now his wife, had “always dreamed of going”.

He explained how he knew they had to get there early, having visited a lot as a child.

When they arrived, a cast member asked the pair to step back until they had their toes on a line on the ground. The member of staff explained that “this was for safety reasons and that under no circumstances should we cross the line during the show”.

However, just five minutes before the show began, things took a turn for the worse. The romantic husband said he heard a family “shoving through behind us”, even shoving against his back and pushing him over the line – although he “quickly stepped back”.

By this point, the family were “sort of squished against us and the people behind them”. He said he heard “a sight and a mutter of ‘a**holes’ coming from behind me. I looked around to check it out.

“The dad caught my eye when I turned around, [and he said], ‘Maybe you folks could let the kids enjoy the show? They can’t see the castle from behind all of these adults’.”

The Brit went to lengths to explain his position in his social media post about the event, explaining that normally he might have moved, but after waiting for hours to see the show and knowing how much it meant to his fiancée, he refused. He did, however, offer for the youngest child to join them in the front row, but explained that they “had been here for a long time to get a view and he should do the same.”

He added: “My wife had never been able to do anything like this growing up. It may seem silly but this was massive for her. I wasn’t about to let it get ruined”.

But the dad was “enraged” by this, and started to comment “people are cruel” and saying, “what lovely people you folks are, I hope you’re very pleased with yourselves.”

When the couple made space for the little girl to join them in the front row, the aggressive dad immediately pushed through with her. When staff sent him back, the little girl was left in tears.

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The Reddit poster said that the dad then “spent the next 5 minutes loudly telling us that we were the reason she was upset and demanding we look at her. It was awful”.

However, despite reporting that he had often received “mixed” reactions to this story, the Reddit community were firm in their belief that he had done nothing wrong.

One person said: “If they wanted to be at the front why don’t they go early? Why didn’t the father put the kid on his shoulders?

“They clearly were entitled people trying to use their kids as an excuse to steal your places.”

Another added: “You guys paid for a good time too. You waited and followed the rules. It sucks that the kid couldn’t see, but you even went out of your way to create a space for her. But the dad ruined that by barreling through too!

“You two didn’t do anything wrong and I hope this incident didn’t spoil your trip. The dad was in the wrong big time, for swearing at you and acting so entitled to complete strangers.”

Another added that “magic is for everyone” and the dad “should have planned better if this was important to him and his daughter”.

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