Britons attack US after Meghan Markle row – ‘Last country we should take lessons from!’

Jeremy Vine: Bonnie Greer reacts to Oprah interview

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made several shocking allegations during their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday. The couple claimed there were conversations over the colour of baby Archie’s skin before he was born.

Yesterday, Bonnie Greer, the Kingston University Chancellor, said the interview has changed the perception of the UK in the US.

But Britons have raged over claims the US was judging the UK with one reader saying: “The last country we need lessons about racism from is the USA.”

Another reader said: “I wouldn’t worry too much about America’s opinion on the UK.

“Half of them would fail to identify where the UK is located on a map of the world

“They should put their efforts into trying to tackle very REAL race issues in the US.”

Someone else said how people in the UK dislike Meghan because of her “personality and behaviour”.

They said: “In the UK the police do not kneel on black peoples’ necks so they can’t breathe.

“That is the US not UK. The UK is not racist.

“People dislike Meghan because of her personality and behaviour, nothing to do with nationality or colour.”

A fourth reader echoed: “This is a fairly ridiculous claim.

“As a dual citizen, I must say, nothing could be further from the truth.

“Most people are sick of hearing about Megs and Harry.

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“She has a horrible sense of entitlement for a D-list actress and a terrible personality to go along with it.

“‘People hate me because they’re racist,’ no sweetie.

“We hate you because you’re a vapid interloping socialite who thinks too highly of herself.”

Someone else said Americans need to “concentrate their attention on their own problems”.

They said: “Since when has the UK needed lessons from the US.

“A country in disarray after the last election and a President who is quite obviously dealing with mental health problems.

“Yanks would do best to concentrate their attention on their own problems.”

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