Brits are cutting food waste and enjoying meals more because of lockdown

Many Britons have been throwing away much less food since the coronavirus lockdown came into force.

With no restaurants to go out to, there’s less opportunity to let things go to waste at home. People are ignoring best-before and use-by labels, judging their food by how it looks and smells instead.

Some have used coconut milk six years past its sell-by date and a six-year-old bag of pasta without falling ill. Meanwhile another Brit finally cracked open that can of baked beans in the back of their cupboard dating back to 1989, according to research from environmental charity Hubbub.

People are reducing the risk of unfinished meals by serving smaller portions, and more than 57% of the country say they value food more since restrictions were introduced. The pandemic is thought to have significantly shifted the nation’s dining habbits, with more people cooking from scratch, eating together as families and hosting virtual dinner parties.

Despite reports of food being wasted last month as a result of frantic panic buying, Britons are now being much more economical.

Out of those surveyed at the start of April, 48% said they were throwing away less food than usual. Hubbub says 90% had changed their shopping and cooking patterns since the lockdown came into effect and 43% said they enjoy food more now.

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One-in-six people are eating more food beyond its use-by date, 51% said they were throwing away less food after meals and 27% said they were serving the exact same portions every time.

However thousands of families are struggling to put food on the table with more-and-more relying on food banks for the first time.

Around half of those surveyed said they were more worried about food and increased costs.

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