Brits 'who behaved like spoilt brats' celebrate as they board plane without mask

A group of anti-lockdown protestors refused to wear masks while flying back from a meeting with fellow sceptics in Germany. 

The group celebrated their ‘victory’ over airport staff by sharing pictures of themselves grinning with their faces uncovered on the plane.

One member of the group said they all had ‘medical exemptions’ but didn’t provide any more information.

Other passengers said they were ‘fake coughing’ and ‘acting like spoilt brats’ during the altercation. 

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The protestors were travelling to London Heathrow from Berlin where they had been meeting with other activists from across Europe to discuss how the pandemic ‘is a lie.’

One of the group, Charisse Burchett, said on Twitter not wearing a mask was their ‘last protest on German soil’ but also claimed all ten Brits trying to board the flight had medical exemptions. 

After being criticised on social media, she took to Facebook to provide a longer explanation of what happened.  

The anti-vaccine activist, who describes herself as a ‘rebel not a slave’ said: ‘We had been through a stressful time at the airport. One friend had trouble with her booking, then we were stopped by police and asked why we weren’t wearing masks in the terminal. 

‘They did not accept our medical exemptions so I walked away. My friend was then singled out and searched because she wasn’t wearing a mask.

‘In the departure lounge gate we saw some other Brits without masks and we sat with them. A chap did all the talking and he was very brave. He stood his ground and inspired us all to be brave as then we had lots of police and officials all stood over us intimidating us.

‘Calls were made and a lovely chap from our airline came out and checked our exemptions and said it was all fine.’

Ms Burchett said she took the ‘cheeky’ picture in relief at getting out of the ‘tense situation’ and posted it ‘to promote medical freedom.’

She claimed masks on flights were ‘not about contagion but control’ and said this is proved by everyone being able to take them off when eating or drinking. 

The group had been at ‘World Doctors Alliance’, an event in which medical professionals said ‘Covid-19 isn’t true.’

Sharing a video of the conference, Ms Burchett tweeted: ‘We were there supporting the doctors speaking up against the lies being told to you. 

‘The brave doctors that need to be heard. What’s happening is a global crime. I won’t be ashamed for standing against tyranny.’ 

The original picture was posted on Twitter after the flight on Wednesday and led to hundreds of comments. One said: ‘please don’t ever come to Germany again.’ Another person, who said they worked in a critical care unit, said: ‘I sincerely hope none of you or your family end up there.’

Someone claiming to be on the same flight told Mail Online the group ‘behaved like spoilt brats’ during the row with airport staff. 

They added: ‘They were universally condemned by all other passengers in the airport. 

‘I talked to a very nice young man who genuinely had a medical exemption but felt “it’s because of people like that I just wear a mask and try and get on with it”.

‘The German police and security acted professionally at all times trying to find out why they wouldn’t wear their masks.

‘The police only arrived when they were getting irate with the airport staff who wanted to see their doctors note for the “medical exemption” which is the rule in Germany.’

The passenger added that they didn’t know why the women were eventually allowed onto the plane.

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