Buckingham Palace spends weeks ‘wargaming’ about Prince Harry’s book

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Buckingham Palace aides have publicly maintained an unbothered image about Prince Harry’’s upcoming memoir. On Saturday, one palace staff member claimed they had not given the biography a second thought and was focusing on the Royal Family’s upcoming engagements, reports state.

However, the Telegraph has reported that a small team at the Palace have been heavily focusing on the Duke of Sussex’s new book.

A source told the broadsheet that Buckingham Palace spend the last few weeks going through all possible allegations Prince Harry might reveal in his memoir to avoid being caught unaware, stating that it is “how they operate”.

The source told the publication: “They anticipate challenges and prepare for them. The notion that they would have been nervous or anxious about it does not reflect reality.

“They are always steady and prepared and will ensure they have formulated a potential response when calm rather than under pressure.”

A past incident Buckingham Palace expected may be exposed was the meeting Prince Harry had with King Charles, then the Prince of Wales, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth at Sandringham where the royals discussed if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should step down as senior royals.

The source said that Buckingham Palace has “been wargaming every dispute, every clash the Duke had with his family that they feared could be made public in his book”.

The source continued: “Every possible allegation they could think of has been run through in detail so they could feel prepared.

“They were taking it very seriously and wanted to be ready to react if necessary. They were on a war footing.”

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Prince Harry’s biography ‘Spare’ will go on sale in the UK this Tuesday, January 10, but publications have been reporting on the details of the book after it went on sale in Spain.

Buckingham Palace aides have suggested in the past it was unlikely the Firm would acknowledge Prince Harry’s book unless an extremely damaging allegation was made about individual members of the Royal Family.

The Telegraph reported that Buckingham Palace has currently decided not to respond to any of the claims made in Prince Harry’s book, as none of “their biggest fears” regarding the book came to head.

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