‘Build global profile’ Prince William thrashed out strategy to prepare Kate for royal duty

Kate Middleton ‘wanted to build global profile’ says pundit

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge became an official member of the Royal Family in 2011, when she married Prince William at Westminster Abbey. Over a decade has passed since their big day and Kate nows stands as one of the senior royals within the family. Prior to their marriage, Prince William prepared his future Queen for royal duties by ditching regular strategies. Speaking on Channel 5’s royal documentary, Kate: Our Queen in Waiting, which aired in 2021, royal expert and journalist Victoria Murphy discussed the approach that Prince William and Kate took to prepare her for royal life.

She said: “It would have been so easy, at the beginning, to kind of jump in when the interests were sky high and to kind of take on lots of things and put her out there in many different ways.

“Actually, what William and Kate did was that they wanted to build up very gradually and for her to take time to grow in confidence and to grow in understanding.”

The journalist said they wanted for her “to really build, gradually, a profile on the world stage.”

The documentary touches on the royals’ handling of the press and how this can be one of the “biggest challenges” as a royal.

Also speaking on the documentary, royal commentator Emily Andrews, spoke about the press access to Prince William and Prince Harry when they were growing up and how this “shaped” how the two royals in bringing up their children.

The royal commentator said a masterstroke that William and Kate, and their advisors, came up with was to “utilise Kate’s passion for photography”.

She added: “She decided that she would take her own pictures of the children and these would be released to the newspapers and to the wider public.

“I mean, it’s PR gold.

“It’s a new relatable form of royally.”

Royal photographer took pictures of Prince Andrew against rules

Even though Prince William and Kate will be celebrating 11 years of marriage later this month, the romance between the pair was an epic saga that spanned nearly a decade before they walked down the aisle.

The couple met at the University of St Andrews in 2001 and at the start, they were very low-key about their relationship.

They had a brief split in early 2007 but quickly rekindled their relationship.

The relationship had so many up and downs that Kate was nicknamed ‘Waity Katie’ by the press since she had been waiting so long for a marriage proposal.


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The couple got engaged in 2010 and during their engagement interview, Kate said: “I actually think I went bright red when I met you and sort of scuttled off, feeling very shy.”

They have since welcomed three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Since marrying into the Royal Family, Kate has delved deep into her charity work. This is a common tradition amongst the royals.

She focussing her charitable endeavours on children’s charities across the years and specialising in the well-being of children and early years development.

She made early intervention a huge focus in her charity work and the importance of family in her own life is used within her work.

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