‘Built on backs of slaves!’ US talk show host shames UK celebrations of Queen’s Jubilee

Royal family: Host discusses history of the monarchy

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Sunny Hostin, a co-host on the hit US talk show The View, denounced British celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee and showcases of national pride. She said that the “pomp and circumstance” of the Jubilee events and the Royal Family were in fact “built on the backs and the souls of slaves”. This follows controversial criticism from people in the UK last week which compared the displays of flags for the Jubilee to Nazi Germany.

Ms Hostin said that she previously enjoyed the displays of British royal pageantry but changed her mind when she learned more about the legacy of “imperialism and colonialism”.

The co-host, who lived in London for a time during university, said: “I studied in London for university and I actually loved the pomp and circumstance of it all when I was there.

“I sat outside and watched the changing of the guards and I loved all of that.

“I remember when Princess Diana married Charles, I stayed up all night and I woke up and watched it.”

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Ms Hostin continued: “But now that I learned a little more about the history of England and the colonialism and the imperialism.

“The imperialism and colonialism of the Caribbean and the fact that Britain and the monarchy took like $1 trillion from Africa.

“And I’ve learned that Jamaica is now removing the Queen from her position there, and Barbados removed the Queen.

“All the Caribbean islands are removing the Queen.”

She said that learning the dark history of the Royal Family had changed her view of the celebrations on show this weekend.

The View co-host added: “Now I’m not as enamored of the pomp and circumstance, because it was built on the backs and the souls of slaves.

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“So, I’m just not as interested. But I was enamored of it before.”

The View audience loudly applauded Ms Hostin’s comments, though co-host Whoopi Goldberg disagreed, saying she “did not mind the celebrations”.

Ms Goldberg added: “I still think it is great for them. I’m okay with their pomp and circumstance. That’s what they’re doing.

“That’s how they’re celebrating. This is a big old mark for them. I’m thrilled for them. Doesn’t happen here. We don’t do that here.”


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Earlier on, fellow co-host Joy Behar predicted that the UK could not afford to get rid of the monarchy because “they need it for tourism”.

In a disparaging attack on Britain, Ms Behar said: “I don’t think that they’ll ever get rid of the monarchy in London in England, because they need it for tourism.

“Billions of dollars come in because of that, even though they spend a lot on the monarchy.

“I mean, it’s not like Italy and France where you have food and weather.

“England hasn’t got the weather and they don’t have the food. They have the history and they have the pomp and circumstance.”

Members of the royal family are attending events across the country as Jubilee celebrations enter their third day, but the Queen will not attend the Epsom Derby.

Despite forecasts of thunderstorms, about 22,000 people are expected to attend an open-air concert outside Buckingham Palace featuring Diana Ross, the Italian opera star Andrea Bocelli and the James Bond composer Hans Zimmer.

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