Bullied schoolgirl, 15, has last laugh when 200 bikers escort her to prom

A disabled schoolgirl had more than 200 bikers escort her to prom to show her bullies ‘they can’t hurt her anymore’.

Felicity Warburton, 15, was made to feel so ‘worthless’ at school that she had considered taking her own life. But she ‘lit up like a Christmas tree’ on Monday when she arrived at her prom amidst an escort of almost 300 bikers.

Felicity’s mum Kathryn organised the whole thing for her daughter when she posted a Facebook appeal last month.

She asked members of the WAC Motorcycle Club to help take Felicity, who has dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome, to the school event at Worcester Warriors Stadium.

Kathryn was hoping a few bikers might get involved, but was shocked when dozens kept turning up.

In the end, there were so many that it took Felicity half an hour to travel the five miles from her home in Droitwich, Worcester, to the stadium.

Kathryn wrote: ‘Felicity has been looking forward to her prom as she feels that this will be the point where she can show them (the bullies) that they can’t hurt her anymore.

‘They have bullied her so much she has even contemplated suicide in the past year, so I really want her prom to be everything she wants and needs it to be.’

The teen’s dad Rich Morris, 45, said he ‘couldn’t even see Felicity in the middle of them all’.

Mr Morris went on: ‘It was amazing. We were hoping for maybe ten or so bikers to come but there were hundreds.

‘We were blown away. ‘Felicity loved every minute and it was just incredible to see the support from all the bikers.

‘Felicity has had her challenges but the bullies seem to think it’s ok to pick on her. She was abused every day and it crushed her but we felt that after Monday night we could see our lovely, bubbly Felicity really enjoying herself.

‘Proud of her doesn’t even touch it, she’s an amazing girl and she hasn’t deserved any of this, so to see her light up like a Christmas tree was absolutely fantastic.

The dad continued: ‘When she sat on that trike and I looked at her, it was like time stood still and I just thought: “We’ve got our daughter back”.

‘When you’ve got someone crunching you down time and time again, you don’t see any good in yourself. To see that smile break out on her face was very overwhelming.’

He said Felicity’s school had done what it could about the ‘constant bullying’ but ‘can’t do everything’.

WAC Motorcycle Club’s Dawn Thomas said his club and some other groups gave Felicity ‘the ride of her life’.

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