Camilla and Anne’s ‘battle’ over Andrew Parker Bowles: ‘Not shy dealing with rivals!’

Andrew Parker Bowles: Expert on relationship with Camilla

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Family feuds and tense love affairs have marred the Royal Family in recent decades. Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s momentous public fallout is perhaps the most famous example. But other members of the family have had their own romantic complications.

Princess Anne became involved in a love affair with Andrew Parker Bowles in the early Seventies.

It was around this time that Andrew had been in a long-term relationship with Camilla, whose second name was Shand.

While Camilla and Andrew went on to marry, much has been said of the Duchess of Cornwall’s relationship with Anne ever since.

According to Penny Junor, a royal expert speaking during Channel 5’s documentary, ‘The Royals at War’, Andrew had a “roving eye” when it came to women.

He took a liking to Anne, and as the documentary’s narrator noted: “Camilla battled Princess Anne for the affections of the same man.”

Described as “delightful”, “charming”, and “engaging”, Andrew had been close to the royals all his life: a captain in the horse guards, both his parents were friends of the Queen and the Queen Mother.

Ms Junor said Camilla had fallen “passionately in love” with Andrew, but that during this period, “he had a lot of other girlfriends”.

The documentary narrator said: “Rumour had it Camilla had a reputation for not being shy when dealing with love rivals.”

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One incident saw Camilla arrive home at night and spot Andrew’s car parked outside the flat of one of her best friends.

Ms Junor explained: “She had no doubt at all what the girl was doing there, so she let the air out of the tyres and wrote a rude message in lipstick on the windscreen.”

Dickie Arbiter, a royal author also speaking during the documentary, said there were always suggestions and innuendo in social circles that Camilla, Andrew and Anne were “in a love triangle”.

All the while Camilla was reportedly growing frustrated between the continued relationship between Andrew and Anne.


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That is until a chance introduction led Camilla to a new relationship of her own: Charles.

Yet, he soon went off to serve with the Royal Navy, and the “love triangle” ended when Camilla and Andrew wed in 1973, Anne marrying Mark Phillips in the same year.

Charles learnt about their union while away and is said to have been “heartbroken” by the news.

But, as the narrator noted: “For Camilla and Anne, questions remain over any lasting damage caused by the love triangle of their younger years.”

Camilla would rekindle her romance with Charles in secret during her marriage and while the Prince was married to Princess Diana.

She divorced Andrew in 1995 — the same year as did Charles and Diana.

Charles and Diana went on to marry in 2005.

After this, according to The List, Anne “reportedly gave Camilla the cold shoulder”.

However, many royals were less than overjoyed at the ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth did not attend, and is said to have feared what image might be portrayed of the Firm given the fallout with Diana and her tragic death.

Judi James, a body language expert, previously told “At the poses after their wedding the Queen and Philip stood back and away from the couple on the steps, which prevented any happy family photographs being taken and it looks very much as though Anne is equally unwilling to look anything more than frosty here, too.”

Regardless, Charles and Camilla have lived happily since, readying themselves to take the helm of the Royal Family.

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