Camilla ‘didn’t need a spin doctor’ as Queen ‘did her own PR’

King Charles and Camilla wave to crowds from balcony in Hamburg

When news emerged that Camilla Parker Bowles, now the Queen Consort, had been engaging in an extramarital affair with the future King, an onslaught of criticism was launched at the couple, with Camilla bearing the brunt. Despite the scrutiny, then-Prince Charles was determined to continue his relationship with Camilla, with whom he had first become involved romantically in the Seventies, and as a result, coordinated a plan to improve both his and Camilla’s public image. The now King and Queen Consort’s PR push has recently been thrust back into the spotlight after Prince Harry accused the pair of using “spin doctors” to plant and leak stories in the press, often at the expense of other members of the Royal Family.

However, according to a royal author, Camilla did not need a “spin doctor” to find success in the Firm. They claimed she was a natural when it came to stepping up as a royal.

Katie Nicholl, author of The New Royals, featured in the 2020 Channel 5 documentary Charles & Camilla: King and Queen in Waiting.

She recalled the couple’s wedding in April 2005, arguing it was the day that “changed everything” for Camilla.

“For all the spin doctors and PR that had gone on for years behind the scenes, the thing that really transformed Camilla’s public image was the royal wedding,” the author said.

“That was her becoming a member of the Royal Family and therefore she was no longer an outsider. She was the Duchess of Cornwall. She was the future. So the marriage changed everything.”

Upon her and Charles’s marriage, Camilla became the Duchess of Cornwall, taking on her husband’s secondary title out of respect for the late Princess Diana who had become known as the Princess of Wales.

Having spent years conducting their relationship privately, Charles and Camilla were now able to carry out official engagements as a couple.

“Of course, once she [Camilla] married into the Royal Family, she became Charles’s consort,” Ms Nicholl said. “She was there with him on royal engagements, she accompanied him on some royal tours and actually proved to be incredibly popular.

“She did her own PR. She didn’t need a spin doctor. She just did what she does best: she engaged with people, she has a good relationship with the press pack and she didn’t upstage Charles in any way. They are a great team.”

Since the wedding, Camilla has proven herself to be a valuable asset to the Royal Family. Like other working members of the Firm, she has committed herself to several charities and organisations, some of which focus on topics once considered ‘taboo’.

Richard Kay, royal commentator and old friend of Princess Diana, noted Camilla’s dedication to “quite a number of charities”.

He mentioned, “the Osteoporosis Society, because her mother died of osteoporosis, learning, book-reading, education and abuse against women,” before adding: “She’s very committed to that as well.”

Royal commentator Daisy McAndrew added: “I think Camilla is clearly very passionate about the domestic abuse agenda.

“She has this platform given to her as a senior member of the Royal Family and she’s not going to throw it away. And I think a lot of people admire her for that.”

Moreover, TV presenter Carole Malone identified Camilla’s fun-loving characteristics as a reason for her organic success.

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“It’s interesting that when you see Camilla out with the Royal Family, she seems very much at the heart of it,” Ms Malone said, recalling frequently spotting the Queen Consort “giggling”.

She continued: “We’ve gone from the Royal Family not wanting her — even as far back as 1970 — because she was a bit of a gal. And now, it’s precisely because of that — because she’s a bit of a gal, because she’s good fun — that they want her around.”

In recent months, Camilla has seen her popularity increase, as it has done steadily over the course of her royal career.

A new poll, conducted by GB News, indicated the public is viewing the 75-year-old in a more positive light since assuming her new role alongside the King.

The People’s Poll asked whether members of the public have a favourable or unfavourable view of the Queen Consort.

It showed that 33 percent were in favour of Camilla, compared to 30 percent who gave an unfavourable response.

Polling expert Professor Matt Goodwin said: “These numbers will be a relief in Buckingham Palace,” who has been known to keep a keen eye on Camilla’s popularity over the past few decades.

“We find that, overall, Camilla has a positive net rating among the British public, which underlines what a long way she has come in the public mindset since the Nineties,” he continued.

“This is especially the case among older voters who are far more supportive than the younger voters from Gen-Z.”

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