Camilla heartbreak: Duchess sends emotional message to abuse victims – ‘You’re not alone’

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Camilla, who is a long-term domestic abuse campaigner, wrote an article for the Guardian highlighting the issues of domestic abuse throughout lockdown. She also offered her support to victims saying: “please know that you are not alone”.

In the article, set to appear on Friday’s issue, the Duchess said: “After six months of lockdown, it is clear that Covid is not the only pernicious disease that has been attacking our society.

“While many aspects of our lives are now slowly returning to some kind of normality, we must also remember there are those for whom the lockdown of fear and abuse remains.

“It is therefore vital that we continue to do everything we can to help them in whatever way possible for as long as is necessary.”

The Duchess’ work for the cause has led her to become patron of the national domestic abuse charity SafeLives.

She has reached out to those affected by domestic abuse to let them know that there are campaigns and organisations willing to help them.

The UK Says No More initiative has created safe spaces in pharmacy consultation rooms across the UK.

SafeLives’ Reach In campaign called on those familiar to victims to offer them help.

As well as Camilla’s words, shocking testimonies from abuse victims were compiled for the article.

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One victim wrote: “His emotional and verbal abuse is escalating the longer we’re isolated, and I’m concerned that mentally I won’t survive this…”

Another anonymous writer said: “Every so often he gets on his high horse and pushes me or spits in my face and he shouts and scares us.”

Camilla also presented figures that show how lockdown has affected the behaviour of abusive partners, and consequently, the lives of victims.

The Duchess wrote: “Deeply troubling statistics have shown the sharp rise in domestic violence since March.

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“It is thought that, globally, cases have escalated by 20 percent. In the UK, more than a third of specialist services have reported an increase in requests for their support.”

She added: “I have often said that domestic violence is characterised by silence: of the abused, of the abuser and of those who don’t know how to intervene.

“But the media have the ability to break this corrosive silence: bringing us the voices of victims; shattering the taboo; and raising awareness of what we can all do to stop this heinous crime.

“As ever, efforts that are united are the most powerful.

“In the words of SafeLives, together we can end domestic abuse, for everyone and for good.”

In March, the Duchess, who is president of Women Of The World, called for urgent action to end the “power of coercive control and violence” in the home.

At the opening of the WOW Festival at the Southbank Centre, the Duchess said: “I find it almost impossible to think that any friend of mine might be living under that horrific threat, without my knowing it, but that is the power of coercive control and violence in the home.

“It is characterised by silence — silence from those that suffer, silence from those around them, and silence from those who perpetrate abuse.

“This silence is corrosive; it leaves women, children and men carrying the burden of shame.

“It prevents them from speaking out about the abuse and it prevents them from getting help. And at its worst it can be fatal.”

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