Camilla highly praised after Oxford visit – ‘Best thing ever happened for Charles’

Camilla joins Sir Philip Pullman on Oxford University library visit

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Camilla’s love for books and her commitment to promoting literacy have been acknowledged by acclaimed British author Sir Philip Pullman. He said: “It’s a great thing that a member of the Royal Family should show such an active interest in what has always been this country’s greatest strength which is its writers, its authors, its poets and playwrights and novelists.

“It’s nice to have the recognition – this is an area of life which is important, it signifies something.”

This comment by the writer came as he joined on Wednesday the Duchess during her visit to the Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries.

Sir Philip was not alone in his praises for the Duchess.

In the wake of Camilla’s visit to Oxford, social media user Pamela Murray tweeted: “Camilla has done a fabulous job since her marriage to Charles.

“Apart from literature, she’s done great work on osteoporosis and domestic violence.

“She’s a credit to the RF. (And anyone disputing this will simply be blocked).”

Another Twitter user, @PomboLigia, wrote: “I love Camilla, her dignity… She’s a Queen”.

And a third, @ca3ine, said: “Marrying Camilla turned out to be the best thing ever happened for Charles”.

Camilla has earned her praises after dedicating much of her royal work to highlight the importance and benefits of reading.

The Duchess holds several patronages related to literacy, including the National Literacy Trust, and has presented in past years the Booker Prize.

In January last year, she launched her very own online book club, which every season shares four books to be read and discussed on the Instagram account called The Reading Room.

The successful account also regularly shares interviews with authors and reading tips.

While in Oxford, Camilla and Sir Philip visited a display marking the 400th anniversary of Robert Burton’s The Anatomy Of Melancholy.

Sir Philip, one of the many authors to have collaborated with The Reading Room project, said afterwards: “Robert Burton’s The Anatomy Of Melancholy is the funniest book in the English language.

“You’ve got to find the plums in his book, they’re there but there’s a lot of old pudding as well.

“But if you read and keep going it is hilarious, the best bits are so funny, I still laugh when I think of them.

“Unusually for a book about melancholy it’s a very funny book and a very wise book, full of good sense “be not idle, be not solitary.

“And the importance of keeping your rooms well lit, and friendship, eating and drinking, good diet.”

The Duchess and the author were shown around the exhibition by its lead curator Professor John Geddes who, as noted by Sir Philip, believed fresh air, exercise and physical activities were beneficial to mental wellbeing.

Camilla replied: “All the things people talk about now.”

She later added: “It’s almost going back to nature – exercise and fresh air.”

While at the Bodleian Libraries, Camilla also met conservators restoring ancient and valuable books.

And she was shown the Bodley Bestiary, a 13th century illuminated manuscript of the animal kingdom as it was known at the time.

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