Camilla ‘kicked turkey into oven’ with sister during family Christmas Day

Queen to spend Christmas with Charles and Camilla at Windsor

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The Queen won’t be spending Christmas alone this year, as she will be joined by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. It comes after the Queen cancelled her traditional Christmas plans at her estate in Sandringham and opted to stay in Windsor. The difficult decision was made after “careful consideration” and reflected a “precautionary approach” amid the rapid spread of Omicron across the UK. The monarch usually spends the festive holiday with her family in Sandringham, Norfolk.

This will be the Queen’s first Christmas without her husband of 73 years Philip by her side.

It is understood that Prince Edward and his wife Sophie and their children, Louise and James, will also join the Queen on Christmas Day.

Camilla will be hoping for a less stressful Christmas than the stressful one she had with her family before she entered royal life.

Camilla used to enjoy the festivities with her children Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles, as well as her ex-husband Andrew.

But, as Tom once claimed, Camilla struggled with the cooking.

He claimed that he once saw her “kicking” a massive turkey into the family’s oven while wearing a dressing gown.

He said: “She and my aunt Annabel would struggle to get it in.

“Despite the occasional kitchen mishap, my mother was an excellent chef.

“Before she married my stepfather [Prince Charles], she was always in charge of the cooking.”

In an interview with Town and Country in 2019, the food critic and author added: “[I remember] my mother and aunt waking up and kicking a turkey into an Aga, which is a sort of always-on English cooking thing that you have in the country.

“They always made a big deal of it, and sweating away and pushing it and swearing at six o’clock in the morning.”

He also revealed Camilla was a “traditional cook” who would make a “really good” roast chicken and usually cooked fish and meat for her children.

Charles and Camilla got married in 2005, but the Duchess remains on good terms with her ex-husband.

Andrew attended the wedding – and remains on good terms with the royals.

In fact, Camilla, Charles, Anne and Andrew were all present at Royal Ascot this year, sharing the royal box.

Charles and Camilla are also working on a new project this Christmas.

They have read extracts of Charles Dickens’ festive classic A Christmas Carol in a series published on social media running over the 12 days of Christmas.


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The series, broadcast via @DuchessofCornwallsReadingRoom on Instagram, will begin on Christmas Day, with the Prince of Wales reading stave one of the famous story in which Ebenezer Scrooge rediscovers the magic of Christmas.

Other contributors will include Miriam Margolyes, Paterson Joseph, Sir Derek Jacobi, Simon Callow, Stephen Mangan and Bridgette Amofah.

In a video introducing the series, Camilla said: “A Christmas Carol is a story which in so many ways begun Christmas as we know it today.

“It follows themes of love, kindness, compassion and tolerance, and it speaks to the heart.”

The Prince of Wales urged listeners to join him and Camilla as they, along with ‘a little help from some friends’, shared Charles Dickens’ “wonderful story”.

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