Camilla ‘made her mark’ with William as she ‘didn’t try to take over’

Prince William helps Camilla as Queen Consort stumbles

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Despite not being particularly close to Camilla, Prince William enjoys a good supportive relationship with his stepmother. According to royal expert Angela Levin, Camilla has “made her mark” with her William over the years.

Speaking on Palace Confidential, Ms Levin said: “She’s made her mark with him too.

“[This is] because she’s made their father very happy [and] more relaxed.”

She added: “He’s got much more in common now with Charles and she makes everybody laugh.

“When the grandchildren started coming, she didn’t try to take over or suggest things.

“She’s got her own, she’s got her own children but the little ones have taken to her.”

She added: “She doesn’t interfere and they’ve got on very well now.”

William’s wife also gets along well with Charles and Camilla and “often goes off with them to see art things” and they have a “friendship”.

Ms Levin suggested that, at the beginning, William was “very wary” of Camilla, particularly because he “adored” his late mother and didn’t want “anybody stepping in her shoes”.

King Charles laughs after passing pen to Queen Consort Camilla

Prince William was 15 when his mother, Princess Diana, died in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

His younger brother, Prince Harry, was just 12.

Camilla married their father in April 2005.

The wedding took place eight years after the death of Princess Diana.


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According to Angela Levin, Prince William has been very clear that Camilla will never replace his late mother, Princess Diana.

In her new book titled Camilla: From Outcast to Queen Consort, Ms Levin wrote that William made it clear where Camilla stood in his three children’s lives.

Ms Levin revealed, via InStyle, that Camilla is the “wife of his father” and is “not the step-grandmother” to George, Charlotte and Louis.


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