Camilla poised to unveil ‘secrets of Windsor castle’ in major new Instagram project

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The wife of Prince Charles will present the historic treasures of the royal residence in a series of social media instalments. The Instagram project will begin in 2021 and display the “most remarkable objects” at Windsor Castle. A promotional video for the Duchess’s series has already been posted on Instagram.

Details of the video show the Duchess of Cornwall examining a 580-year-old book.

The antique tome is kept in the castle’s library.

However, the Duchess of Cornwall can be seen examining the book without wearing protective gloves.

An online statement announcing the projects states: “Wondering about white gloves?

“Many scholars and academics now consider clean hands best when handling precious books.

“Cloth or latex gloves can make the wearer clumsy.”

The Instagram announcement adds: “We are thrilled to share with all our Reading Room followers the first instalment of our series ‘Treasures from Windsor Castle’.

“We wish to share this over the coming year.


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“The instalment will explore some of the most remarkable objects held at Windsor Castle Library.”

The Duchess of Cornwall will delve into the treasures held at the Windsor Castle Library.

The antique books are under the care of Dr Stella Panayotova, the royal librarian.

Camilla can be seen in the video examining “The Sobieski Hours”, a 15th-century nativity scene.

The imagery in this scene is described by the Duchess of Cornwall as “absolutely beautiful”.

The marvels of this book are also described as having “an attention to detail”.

Camilla describes the Christmas story “so exquisitely” in the video instalment.

The first instalment of the video series was posted on the Duchess of Cornwall’s Instagram account “The Reading Room”.

More videos from the series will be posted to Camilla’s Instagram channel over the next year.

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