Camilla set for holiday home hell as neighbours get go-ahead to build next door to mansion

Charles and Camilla arrive for dinner with Commonwealth leaders

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The Duchess’ mansion, known as the Ray Mill House, shares a private lane with only one neighbour, The Old Mill owned by Phil Clayton. Wiltshire Council has given the Claytons permission to construct a holiday let which would see 74-year-old Camilla have to share the lane with tourists.

Camilla often uses the Wiltshire home to get away from Prince Charles’s Highgrove House estate which is open to the public over the summer and sees more than 40,000 visitors every year.

The Duchess of Cornwall has been at odds with the Claytons over the renovations for years. In fact, Camilla has reportedly complained about the project three times in the past.

The Claytons have been allowed to turn a garage on their property into a one-bedroom flat to be potentially rented by Airbnb style tourists.

The recent plans reportedly brought about seven complaints, however, the MailOnline reported that owner Trudy Clayton hit back at the complainants in a letter to the council.

It read: “I find it very difficult to understand why people who are completely unaffected by the improvements we have carried out at The Old Mill put so much time and wasted energy, time and time again…it is always the same group of people, objecting no matter what the planning application is for.

“I find it rather sad on their behalf. Their time and energy could be used for a much more worthy cause.”

The Duchess of Cornwall has reportedly raised no objections to this most recent planning application, however she has bemoaned Clayton’s past applications.

She objected to a 2017 plan which would have seen the garage, now being renovated into a flat, demolished to put up a two-storey building.

Highgrove’s estate manager Charlie Craven claimed that Camilla had concerns that the building would negatively impact the flow of the river during any periods of flooding.

The Duchess twice opposed the Claytons’ 2018 plans to destroy another outbuilding to turn it into a flat.

In a letter objecting to the plans Mr Craven said: “I have now been involved with Ray Mill House for six years within which time, the river has flooded numerous times.”

He added: “I am now also concerned that the proposed design appears to be larger and higher than the existing building, which clearly goes against the Design Statement that it would remain unchanged.”

After changing the plans they were approved in December 2018.

The Duchess of Cornwall is said to enjoy retiring to her Highgrove estate to get away and relax.

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One source told former Express columnist Adam Helliker: “At Ray Mill she can sit down with a big gin and tonic, kick off her shoes and watch Coronation Street, which Charles loathes.

“She also doesn’t have to bother about how the place looks – Charles is so fussy about tidiness, while she leaves her stuff all over the place. She doesn’t need her cushions plumped all the time.”

Camilla bought the Ray Mill house in 1996 for £850,000, the house is only a 15-minute-drive from Highgrove.

Now the Duchess of Cornwall will likely have to deal with a building site next to her home and, after that, tourists using her private drive to get to their flat a stone’s throw from Camilla’s garden.

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