Camilla spotted cradling parasol with Charles as she struggles in blazing heat –new photos

rince Charles out with Camilla in Cornwall

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The Duchess of Cornwall was photographed using a cream-coloured parasol today on her first round of engagements part of the yearly week she and her husband spend in Cornwall and Devon. Pictures from their visit to Mousehole – the royals’ first stop – show Camilla clutching onto the useful accessory as she walked through the streets of the town. 

The Duchess, who also held on to a pair of sunglasses, dressed appropriately for the weather, as she donned a light aquamarine dress and a pair of nude heels. 

Her husband Prince Charles also made good use of sunglasses but did not protect himself from the relentless sunshine with a parasol, choosing instead to walk hands-free. 

The Prince of Wales, known as Duke of Cornwall when he visits this area, wore a light-coloured suit paired with a striped tie.

The two royals’ decision to face the temperatures on what has quickly become the hottest day of the year was much appreciated by their fans, many of whom lined up in the streets to catch a glimpse of them. 

The Duchess’ decision to use a parasol today was welcomed by royal fans on Twitter. 

One, @rhodanielson364, praised the choice saying: “Good for her. The parasol keeps the sun off & allows people to see her clearly still.” 

Another, @g3mmava1entin3, tweeted: “I think it’s a good idea to have an umbrella, it’s too hot.” 

And a third, @camilla17071947, wrote on the social media platform: “Camilla with her parasol. Classic. I hope she’s okay with the heat.”  

Other royal fans expressed their appreciation for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s dedication to their duties. 

@AlmaTirkey tweeted: “No slowing down with these two even under the scorching sun.” 

And @CelticTribesman wrote: “I love how elegantly they always dress but somehow manage to appear so relaxed.

“Charles and Camilla are definitely not afraid to be with the people.”


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