Camilla was ‘frustrated’ over false myths about Prince Charles remaining ‘unchallenged’

Camilla attends Poetry Together tea party

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Camilla was “frustrated” to see false myths about her husband Prince Charles remaining “unchallenged”, according to royal expert Richard Kay. The former royal correspondent claimed the Duchess of Cornwall was a key figure behind the push to correct some “misleading beliefs” about the Prince of Wales.

He wrote: “It was at Camilla’s urging – some seven years after their Windsor Castle wedding – that the prince decided to finally correct a few of the myths that have grown up around him.

“Of these the most eccentric was that at breakfast, seven eggs each boiled to a different degree of softness were set before him so that he could choose the one with the right consistency.

“While hardly the most egregious of fables, she was frustrated that this and other misleading beliefs about the man she loves were allowed to remain unchallenged.”

In 2012, Clarence House included in the new version of his revamped website a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. 

At the time, this page included a number of questions addressing a series of issues – from Charles’s take on modern architecture to rumours he intends to hold a multi-faith Coronation.

Among the answers presented in the page there was also one addressing a rumour, first reported by former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman in his 2006 book On Royalty.

In his work, Mr Paxman reported claims the Prince of Wales is such a fussy eater when it comes to his breakfast eggs he requires the kitchen to prepare a selection for him to take his pick from.

Responding to this claim, the website read: “No, he doesn’t and never has done, at breakfast or any other time.”  

This answer was deleted, alongside others, over the past years.

But the FAQs page remains and still addresses other issues including whether Prince Charles’s pay taxes.

The answer read: “Yes. The Prince of Wales voluntarily pays income tax at the 45 percent rate on his income from the Duchy of Cornwall, after his business-related costs are deducted.

“His taxes are checked by HMRC, like anyone else, which reviews all his business deductions.” 

Another question addresses the criticism the Prince of Wales has faced over the years regarding the apparent clash between his lifestyle and his campaigns to protect the environment.

It read: “As an environmental leader, why does The Prince of Wales drive around in a Bentley and own an Aston Martin?”

The answer revealed the prince’s Aston Martin “runs on bioethanol made from wine wastage and a by-product of cheese-making.”

It also read: “The Prince does not own or choose to drive around in a Bentley. 

“The car is required for some engagements for security reasons and is owned by the Metropolitan Police.

“Normally, The Prince and The Duchess are driven around in a Jaguar XJ and a range of new low and zero emissions vehicles.

“He also leases diesel vehicles for use when he is in the countryside.”

The FAQs also address some curiosities regarding Camilla, including why she retains her home at Raymill. 

The answer read: “The Duchess likes to spend time with her children and grandchildren at their family home in Wiltshire.”

Camilla and Prince Charles got married in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall on April 9 2005.

The ceremony was later followed by a Church of England Service of Prayer and Dedication at St George’s Chapel.     

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